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Bring The MEs to Me.

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Do you know that it is healthy for children to have a variety of toys to play with?

Please Donate To The Children!!

There are many fund raisers for Toy Drives and other needs that are ran by various Organizations.

Here are some links to consider:



A Child’s Hope Foundation




Christmas Toy Drive




Christmas Eve

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Creator Son Children – Special Forces

I am Christ Michael, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Creator Son (Master Son, Sovereign of Nebadon). Take note of the parentage of my children (Special Forces):

1,080,098 – Creator Son

3,747 – Creator Son & Creator Son’s Children

1,000,000 – Creator Son & The Universal Father

21,100 – Creator Son & The Eternal Mother Son

21,200 – Creator Son & The Infinite Spirit

5,201,800 – Creator Son & The Divine Minister (Holy Spirit)

215,888 – Creator Son & The Supreme Being

888 – Creator Son & Divine Counselor

1,000,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

12,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

4,800 – Creator Son & Melchizedek

3,000 – Creator Son & Primary Supernaphim

201,000 – Creator Son & Solitary Messenger

27,922 – Creator Son & Seraphim

611,122 - Creator Son & Seraphim’s Child with Creator Son

905 – Creator Son & Cherubim/Sanobim

400 – Creator Son & Primary Midwayer

400 – Creator Son & Secondary Midwayer

100 – Creator Son & Son Fused

100 – Creator Son & Spirit Fused

200 – Creator Son & Uversa (Superuniverse) Personality

2,400 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Daughter - Eve Dreamascia Christensen)

1,200 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Son – Adam (Adamea) Velocity Christensen

12,000,000 – Promise Children (May 18th, 2014)

Total Children = 9,002,270 + 207,000 + 201,000 (10-17-14) = 9,410,270 + 12,000,000 = 21,410,270 +21,410,270 (Other Family Members) = 42,820,540 Total Majestone Divine Family Members

(62,000,000,000 Total Urantia Staff Members (12-16-14)

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The Universal Police Force is a Global Ministry of Celestial Beings, Angels, Spirit Children, Men & Women who are a very powerful and effective Force spreading the True Gospel of Jesus for the salvation of mankind and to establish Peace on earth (Urantia.).

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